December 9, 2016

About BCI

About BCI

Baja Coastal Institute (BCI) is a non-profit organization registered in both the United States and Mexico.  The organization was founded by a group of residents who love the eastcape of Baja Sur.  Together with most residents and visitors to this region we love and depend on its natural resources.  And like most folks who spend time here –  we would like to give something back to this beautiful land.

It is likely there will be many proposals to develop this extraordinary shoreline in the near future.  Development usually promises more jobs and revenues to Mexico.  At BCI we believe it is possible to see economic progress while we preserve our natural resources and the beauty that exists here today.

BCI Goals

Government officials, business owners, residents and children can be influenced by scientific information about the value and the fragility of ecosystem services in this region.  It is BCI’s purpose to provide access to scientific research to these audiences in order to build an informed and educated body of decision makers and public.

BCI has defined three key goals for the next 5 years.  We will see that –

  • key scientific research about the Eastcape coastline is shared with decision-makers, businesses and the community
  • residents and tourists have access to information about the value and fragility of coastline ecosystems
  • school children are taught about sustainable development through the use of curriculum and field trips made available to elementary and secondary schools of the Eastcape and that at least 25% of those schools actively participate in a BCI learning project

BCI will meet these goals through programs developed on 3 key building blocks.

BCI Mission

BCI promotes the conservation of the coastline, reefs, and waters of the Baja peninsula with emphasis on the East Cape region of Baja Sur by providing rigorous independent research in pursuit of best practices to support and regulate sustainable development.

BCI educates and informs those who influence policy, trusting that good policy emerges from reliable information.  

BCI fosters education and appreciation of natural wonders among the community of residents, visitors, and tourists, believing that an understanding and appreciation of nature is the foundation of conservation.

BCI Values

BCI is committed the long-term survival of the ecosystems influencing the Eastcape region of Baja Sur and surrounding environments, and believes that good information will lead to good policy decisions toward sustainable development in the region.

BCI understands good information is the product of independent, rigorous research, and that a source of thoughtful, independent insight is critical in the education of both those who use natural resources and those who influence natural resource policy decisions in the Eastcape region.

BCI believes, by fostering an appreciation of nature and understanding of our impact on ecosystems among the larger community of residents, visitors, tourists and developers, this community will be empowered and motivated to protect the natural beauty of the region, including its jewel, the Cabo Pulmo Reef.

BCI values the trust of the larger Eastcape Baja Sur community and will operate with forthrightness and transparency to gain and maintain this trust.