Cabo Pulmo Visitor Center

BCI has partnered with Pronatura Noroeste an arm of Mexico’s largest conservation non-profit organization, to build a Visitor’s Center. Located near the entrance to Cabo Pulmo village, the Center is under construction and will feature displays, videos, and computer programs about the Cabo Pulmo Marine Park and the land-sea ecosystem of this coast.

Education to Action Program

Education to Action provides tools to teachers to guide high school juniors to become a factor of change and to work in their communities to empower residents to safeguard these unique region and it waters. Our local experiences and research in other parts of the world, shows that personal conviction and participation by local residents is key to successful protection of natural resources.

Resident Scholar Program

Scientific Research on the Eastcape is essential to policy influencers and the public as they decide what the future of this coast will look like. In the past 5 years there has been tremendous research activity in this region in order to decide what kind of development is sustainable on the Eastcape. Much more is needed.

White Papers

Baja Coastal Institute is developing a series of white papers on topics unique and relevant to the East Cape of Baja California. BCI seeks top academic and experiential partners to develop information useful in protecting coastal ecosystems. The goal of these papers is to provide a body of scientific research that is useful to the particular needs of policy makers, business, and residents in this region.

Share Research

Scientific analysis is critical to policymakers when deciding how to use our shorelines. Just as importantly the citizens and residents of this region need solid scientific information in order to support our policymakers in making the right decisions.
The data and information needed may or may not exist. However often excellent and relevant information that does exist cannot be found because it is reported in scientific journals that the average person doesn’t read.