Visitor’s Center set to open June 23

Visualization of the Visitor’s Center designed by Hant Architects, a Mexican firm that specializes in bioclimatic and energy efficient buildings. They designed the Visitor’s Center to be a comfortable place to learn about the natural resources of this region.

The Design

The Visitor’s Center was designed by Hant Architecture, a Mexican company with expertise in building with low impact on the environment. The Center is designed to take advantage of natural breezes and natural light.

Pronatura Noroeste conferred with the Mexican community of Cabo Pulmo for two years as this design was developed.
Here are pictures from the still incomplete construction site.

Designed to allow natural breezes and light into the interior.


When Baja Coastal Institute joined the partnership for the Visitor’s Center, we suggested and funded construction of an amphitheater where lectures, films, and events can take place. The amphitheater will begin to be constructed in the next few months as part of the Visitor’s Center.

The amphitheater will provide space for lectures, films, performances and meetings. Simultaneous translation equipment will allow everyone to understand in either Spanish or English.

See list of ideas of events under “Recent Public Meeting” below.

Displays for the Visitor’s Center
Building 1 interior:
The first building will contain displays and information about the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park. Conanp will staff the building where visitors can pick up their Park passes, learn about activities in the region, and learn more about the Park and it’s goals.


Building 2 Interior:
Building 2 will provide displays and videos about the Cabo Pulmo reefs. Artist Robert Rawls has designed a 3D display that includes the coral, fish, and sealife of the reef.

Life size display of Cabo Pulmo Reefs. Information panels will identify and offer information about the various species shown. Some of the permanent displays and many of the panels can change seasonally - for instance a school of jacks might be added in April when the large schools gather here.

Interior Building 3

Building 3 is about the land and the people. The display shows many of the animals and birds that thrive here.  There will also be information about the people and history of the region.

3-D display of the rich wildlife on the land in the Cabo Pulmo region.

New on this website

While you are on this website check out the dissertation written by Ryan Anderson who was BCI’s first Resident Scholar. It not only has interviews with many of our Cabo Pulmo residents but includes his research about the history of Cabo Pulmo. It makes great reading! Click here (**)

March 5 Public Meeting

Pronatura Noroeste and Baja Coastal Institute held a public meeting on March 5 to show the final plans for the inside displays and to get ideas for lectures, films, and events at the Visitor’s Center. Here are some of the ideas from that meeting.  We welcome more – send your thoughts and suggestions to [email protected].

Suggestions for activities at the Visitor’s Center :

  • Weekly afternoon fish and bird identification lectures by local divemasters and bird watchers
  • Beach trash collection coalition – with ongoing tracking

  • Lecture on sharks in April by scientific researcher

  • Friday night movies (entertainment)

  • Blue Ocean Film Festival – award winning films about the ocean

  • Market with local venders of vegetables; fruit; fish; herbs.

  • Art shows of regional Mexican artists

  • Bird ID and Fish ID lectures

  • Birdwatching trips

  • Lecture on the availability of water for future development

  • Discussion: How do we keep Cabo Pulmo rustic and natural?

  • Lecture on coastal erosion by scientific researcher.

  • Music performances.

  • Children’s plays

  • Spiritual or religious service

  • The migration of whales – next February

  • Purchase simultaneous translation equipment so we don’t have to translate during talks.

  • Arrange for bookmobile to stop at the Center regularly.

  • Inside building 3 – a timeline of the history of Cabo Pulmo with pictures collected from locals.

  • Videotape each lecture or presentation and make the archive available online

Why a Visitor’s Center?

The Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is a remarkable success. A Scripps study showed that over 10 years the reefs recovered from being almost desolate following severe overfishing and have now become a thriving habitat for a huge variety of fish and wildlife.

When visitors and residents of this region visit Cabo Pulmo they often love the environment but may not learn much about –

  • The fragile ecosystems that support wildlife and human life here
  • The hundreds of species of wildlife including mobula rays, huge schools of jacks, frigates and plantlife that exists only here.
  • The Park, it’s goals, dimension, and success story.
  • The fantastic variety of activities including diving, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and bird watching.
  • The history of the people here.

The Cabo Pulmo Visitor’s Center will become a source of information using displays, videos, lectures, films and activities to fill this gap.

The Cabo Pulmo Visitor’s Center is a project of Pronatura Noroeste, CONANP, and Baja Coastal Institute (BCI).

New on the BCI Website

Check out the dissertation written by Ryan Anderson who was BCI’s first Resident Scholar. It not only has interviews with many of our Cabo Pulmo residents but includes his research about the history of Cabo Pulmo. It makes great reading! Click here ( ‘The Value of a Place: Development Politics on the East Cape of Baja California Sur, Mexico’ ).